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Transcription services convert either live or recorded spoken texts into written or electronic text documents. Transcription services are extremely beneficial for business, legal, governmental, media or medical purposes that need accurate translations of spoken texts.

Common types of transcription include meetings, interviews, reports, seminars, voice mails, phone conversation, speeches, conferences, podcast, audio and video presentations, proceedings of a court hearing and more.

If you have an audio or video recording in English or in a foreign language, ANT is your best choice for accurate, reliable transcription services. Our experts will transcribe the source text and then translate it into more than 30 languages.

Accuracy is a crucial factor in transcription services. That's why at ANT we select and employ only native speaking and experienced transcriptionists, who are experts in their field. They must all be familiar with the accent of the source's speakers and poses in-depth understanding of the used terminology. In special cases we offer an independent edit by a senior transcriptionist.

ANT offers both monolingual and multi-lingual transcriptions, focusing on 3 types of services, depending on time limits and specific requirements:
* Monolingual transcription, in which the transcription is in the same language as the source language in which the tape has been recorded.
* Direct translation, in which the content of the recording will be written directly in the target language, without transcribing it first to the source language.
* Full transcription and translation, in which the recording will first be transcribed and then translated into the target language.

Based on our vast experience, we highly recommend full transcription and translation for optimum accuracy. But if you need a fast turnaround, then the direct translation may be the preferred option.

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