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ANT is your best one-stop source for all your translation needs. It's much more than just matching words from different languages. ANT is in fact a smart and essential communication tool, designed to brake and eliminate language or geographical barriers. Utilizing our versatile translation services, you can now communicate freely with people from all over the world, using their native languages to deliver the exact messages you're using in your own language.

ANT translates any type of document you can think of: journals, protocols, questionnaires, informational or technical manuals, manufacturing documentation, user guides, financial reports, business plans, marketing brochures, sales presentations, legal agreements and contracts, international trade constitutions and more.

All ANT translation services are performed by human translators for maximum linguistic accuracy and cultural acceptance. Our specialized country-based translation teams include subject matter experts, speakers and writers, who are perfectly positioned to deliver your information or messages in their target native language.

In today's competitive and turbulent markets, mumbling a few common English words is not enough in order to establish business relationships or sign new deals. Moreover, improper on inaccurate translations to your own language can lead to mistakes and misunderstanding, jeopardizing your global operations and ruining your reputation.

Contact us now! ANT will work with you closely, helping you penetrate global markets and explore new business opportunities. Gain a competitive advantage in the global markets with translations that reflect the original language they have been written in. Build a powerful impact and reach a broader base of customers, employees, investors, distributors and suppliers in their native language.

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    Professional business translation services in more than 30 languages, across more than 30 industries and markets.
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    Highly experienced and trained translators specializing in medical, legal, financial, governmental, industrial, technical and scientific translations.
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    Accurate, reliable translations with amazing turnaround at highly affordable prices. Based in Singapore, we are your exclusive gateway to Asia Pacific.