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Unless you're targeting a limited local market, your website should address a global audience in many countries and different languages. Obviously you can't use one single language to target people in different countries and cultures. You'll need a multilingual website. For a global business, a multilingual website is no longer a choice but an indispensable necessity.

With every language you add to your website, its potential to boost profits grows exponentially. Furthermore, based on many studies, consumers will always prefer to do business with websites written in their native language. Not the type of automatic translations produced by software tools, but accurate and well phrased web pages.

Using a multilingual website has another great advantage: it improves your SEO, enabling local search results pages to display your relevant website pages and increase traffic. Needless to say that increased traffic results in increased sales.

ANT has extensive experience and the best human resources for translating your website. Whatever your native language or the present website's text, we can translate it in more than 30 languages. Shoppers and buyers all over the world will be able to read and understand your messages, respond to your calls to action and eventually order your products or services.

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