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The Languages We Translate From/To

ANT (A Native Translation) is a premier global prestige translation company, specializing in translating business and commercial communication in more than 30 languages. With a unique insight into the most challenging perspectives of multi-lingual business interaction, ANT is the company of choice for individuals, corporations and governments looking to operate and flourish beyond local geographic borders.

ANT doesn't just match words, but builds relationships. Using native accurate translations, we enable individuals from different parts of the world to understand and communicate with each other, reducing cultural linguistic and geographical boundaries.

Here are the languages we translate from or to.

All Asian languages, specializing in:
* Simplified Chinese
* Taiwan Traditional Chinese
* Hong Kong Traditional Chinese
* Japanese
* Korean
* Burmese
* Tagalog
* Tamil
* Vietnamese
* Thai
* Malay
* Indonesian

All European languages, specializing in:
* Brazilian Portuguese
* European Portuguese
* French
* Russian
* German
* Italian
* European Spanish
* Latin American Spanish
* Dutch
* Danish
* Norwegian
* Polish
* Swedish
* English

Middle-Eastern languages, specializing in:
* Arabic
* Hebrew
* Hindi
* Bengali

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    Professional business translation services in more than 30 languages, across more than 30 industries and markets.
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    Highly experienced and trained translators specializing in medical, legal, financial, governmental, industrial, technical and scientific translations.
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    Accurate, reliable translations with amazing turnaround at highly affordable prices. Based in Singapore, we are your exclusive gateway to Asia Pacific.