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Over the past years ANT has translated a vast number of documents related to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, medical research, healthcare services and life sciences. The translations have been written in various languages for companies from Asia, Europe, North and South America.

With over 10 years’ experience in this particular field, we serve many Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical multi-national companies. Our work is always tailored and personalized, meeting our clients' specific needs and requirements.

ANT's translation services are fully compliant with the strict medical regulatory laws in our clients' locations, including the USA, Europe, Japan and Asia. Our translations consistently meet the requirements of the American FDA, European EMA, Japan's PMDA and more.

To guarantee our clients' full satisfaction and provide the high quality translation services they expect, our medical translation teams are uniquely trained and specialized, possessing outstanding skills. Time after time they prove our clients that they can always be trusted to provide accurate and compliant translations, written in native language.

Manufacturers of medical and surgical devices, leading pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations and healthcare corporations trust ANT to translate and localize their most important business and professional documents. Join them now!

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