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Fees and Terms

Before placing an order for our professional translation services, please read the following information regarding our fees and terms.

  1. ANT's fees include full service: translation, localization, editing, proof-reading and quality assurance.
  2. ANT's Quality Management System (QMS) is focused on achieving the highest quality standards and objectives, meeting our customers' requirements. Our QMS process includes:
    • Order processing
    • Production planning
    • Selection of a translation team
    • Translation by an experienced native translator
    • Editing by a second native translator to ensure that the content does not read like a translation, but like the original content written in the target language
    • Thorough proofreading by a third native translator to ensure that the translated text is grammatically correct, reflects the original intended meaning, and the client's brand voice is embedded in the target language
    • Ensuring the highest quality and professional standards of translation
    • Client review process
    • Translation acceptance
    • Update clients' records
  3. ANT offers its clients a 7 calendar days grace period so that they can review the translation. We will update any objective review comment accordingly, both in the final translation and in our own database for future translation reference.
  4. Each service request will be managed by a Project Manager (PM). The PM will evaluate the client's project requirements and select a qualified team of 5 linguists: translator, editor, proofreader 1, proofreader 2 and quality checker. Each part of the translation process will be performed by an independent and native translator. The final product will be ready for immediate use. Clients won't have to make any additional payments to validate the translation.
  5. ANT's price per word is based on content, subject matter, word count, format, turnaround time, target audience, language combination and the specific skills required to translate the source document to a target language.
  6. Additional charges may be applied whenever there is a need to perform extra services in order to complete the translation. For example, reformatting, rush jobs, cross-check of the source document, glossary creation, recreation of tables, charts, flow charts and images, desktop publishing work (DTP), certification of translation, new text additions during the translation process or/and after the translation has been completed and /or delivered, etc. ANT will seek approval from the client for any additional charges, before starting the project.
  7. We require full payment for first orders, as well as from overseas clients. We begin work as soon as the payment has been received by our bank.
  8. Non-Disclosure Agreement: We sign and observe all clients' confidentiality agreements.
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