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A certified translation creates a legal document and it requires an official stamp to attest that the translation is true and accurate and corresponds to the original source document.

Although there may be different types of certification requirements in each country, the main goal of the certification is to elevate industry standards, enhance professional performance and eventually convert translated documents into legal documents.

ANT's certified translation is recognized by governments and organizations in both our country and overseas. The requirements to certify a translation will depend on the type and purpose of the submitted document, and they will be determined by the authorities in the respective country.

If you are planning to submit a translated document to a court or government agency, you will need a certified translation. Since courts and government agencies in each location have different certification requirements, you will have to check first what kind of certification is required for your purpose.

For legal and contractual documents, the certified translation requires notarized certification. Any registered Notary Public is qualified to provide notarized certification for a fee at appointed law firms.

Certified translations that will be used in foreign countries will require notarization and apostille to legalize the translated documents. Apostille or legalization of documents is usually certified by a foreign lawyer or embassy, as required by the country where the translated document is to be used.

ANT translates all types of documents and certifies the translated documents for government agencies and courts, academic institutions, employers, businesses and more. We offer birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, Visa, immigration and customs documents, academic transcripts, degrees and diplomas, recommendation letters for employment, passports, medical records, financial documents and much more.

If you represent a reputable business or organization, you can't compromise and you can't take any chances. You should always work with a translation company you can trust to produce not only accurate translations but also certified documents. An experienced translation company that employs the best native translators. A company like ANT!

Contact us now with any questions you may have about your document translation certification needs.

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